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This Tricolored Heron appears to grow larger and larger as she rises on her legs and fluffs out her feathers in reaction to a Snowy Egret's approach to her nest. She eventually makes a rush towards the Egret and chases it away.
The tricolored heron (Egretta tricolor), formerly known as the Louisiana heron, is a small species of heron that is native to coastal parts of the Americas. Adults have a blue-grey head, neck, back and upper wings, with a white line along the neck. The belly is white. In breeding plumage, they have long blue filamentous plumes on the head and neck, and buff ones on the back.

The tricolored heron stalks its prey in shallow or deeper water, often running as it does so. It eats fish, crustaceans, reptiles, and insects.

Tricolored heron's breed in swamps and other coastal habitats where it nests in colonies, often with other herons. The female lays three to four eggs on a nest of sticks placed on a bed of reeds or in a tree. Both the male and female build the nest and incubate the eggs. The chicks hatch in about three weeks. Both parents care for the chicks and feed them regurgitated food. The chicks develop wing feathers large enough for flight in a little over a month.

This Tricolored Heron was seen in the rookery at the Alligator Farm in St Augustine, Florida.

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