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    Two Mansions in the Prairie Avenue District, Chicago, Illinois (2015-04-21 14-26-58_01)


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Two Mansions in the Prairie Avenue District, Chicago, Illinois (2015-04-21 14-26-58_01)

It is known as the Field House because it was once owned by Marshall Field, Jr. of the department store fame. It was originally commissioned for William Murray in 1883. It was designed by Solon S. Beman. In 1893 it was sold to Marshall Field, Jr. for $65,000. (It was actually a wedding present from his father.) In 1902 the Marshall Field House, which was located next door, was demolished so that this house could be expanded. Three years later Marshall Field, Jr. was shot and killed. Over time the building has served as a rehab center and a psychiatric hospital. In 2007 the building was divided into six condominiums.

The Prairie Avenue District is where Chicago's wealthy lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

I used a Nikon Coolpix P7700 camera to take the photo. Editing was done using Luminar Flex. I used the RAW Develop filter to correct the perspective, increase the contrast and clarity and reduce the highlights. Next I added the Accent-AI filter and three copies of the AI Sky Enhancer filter. I used the Tone filter to lower the SmartTone and added the Polarizing filter.Next I used the Brilliance / Warmth filter to increase the vividness and warmth and the Brightness / Contrast filter to decrease the brightness and raise the contrast slightly. Finally I cropped the image a bit and used the erase tool to fix the lower left corner.

© 2015 Gary J. Sibio. All rights reserved.

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