Open Fish market in Valparaiso de Chile
enjoying the snowfall
ballerina shadows
Bass player at Small's


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Open Fish market in Valparaiso de Chile

I loved the colours very much. especially since they clean the boats thoroughly after rolling them in after being craned out of the water. Market goes haywire as people flood in.
Scared shitless as I had invested in a bigger camera and lens second hand from big store back home while taking a friend (local of Valpo) to stay at my house in NYC for three months. I returned a week later with a full-frame camera and wide 2.8 zoom. All used, but worked fine. I have hammered the nuts out of it by now.

People would rob me on the spot if they saw that. It was very tricky. Nerve racking at the time. Shooting in Santiago Chile was a little less stressful...not by much. ahh. good times

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  • Jaime Cifuentes
    1 year ago
    Like many places on Chile, “Valparaiso de mi amor” (Valparaiso off my love), is a typical place of busy people going on their business. Never being there, But Santiago and the sur of this beautiful country do I know. Definitively a place to visit and take photography’s. Nice capture.
    • tailuporaroundlikeacat
      • Seller
      • Pro
      1 year ago
      i agree. Valpo is very colourful and very busy indeed sir, I love to photograph here.

      thank you
  • Milos Jovanovic
    1 year ago
    Beautiful panga boats parking :) Mariners and Yamahas all the way! I love boats! Belgrade is situated on two rivers. Where beautiful river Sava meets with mighty Danube. My father took me to a (very small inflatable) boat ride when I was only eight months old. I was hooked. By the time I was four, I was the captain of our 12 feet boat. We had a boat ever since. It's something that belongs to the two of us. My dad suddenly died when I was 12. I was inconsolable. Calmness of the river boat ride gave me inner calm and peace I needed. I still have a boat. Small inflatable one. This is what I can afford. I love boating with my family, especially with my older son Jovan. There is a photo of him as a captain of our boat in my gallery.
    • tailuporaroundlikeacat
      • Seller
      • Pro
      1 year ago
      THAT is a very moving piece. Very sorry about your father. That sounds awful. I do love the way you have tried to get around the bad feeling inside. Going for a boat ride with your brother. I will have a look:)

      I'm an epileptic and have some crazy stories. Had it since I was 10yrs old. Photography has an almost peaceful nature to it for my brain, even in the scariest of situations and forces me to focus on one thing. I have a terrible ability to focus. When it is just one single dot in the viewfinder I can focus on one task and it calms my brain down a little bit. Especially Street Photography.
  • Mike Browne
    • Seller
    • Pro
    1 year ago
    Nice one Iain :-)
    • tailuporaroundlikeacat
      • Seller
      • Pro
      1 year ago
      Thanks Mike. I really, was scared out of my mind squeezing this shot off
  • barbrad
    1 year ago
    Love all that color!