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Fairytale Fall (see below for Editing Tutorial!)

Editing Steps:

1- To start with I opened the RAW file in Lightroom Classic and set the Black and White points. Then I moved the Highlights to +39, Contrast to -26, Clarity: -26, Dehaze: -66, Tint: +63. This produced an overall misty feeling.

2- In the Lightroom Curves Panel I edited each Channel in turn. I started by reducing the Cyan half way up the Red Curve and added more red to the highlights. I then added some blue to the shadows and yellow to the highlights (inverse S Curve in the Blue Channel).

3- Next up I used the HSL panel to reduce the Red saturation and boost the Oranges and Greens. (Red: -24, Orange: +71, Green: +100).

4- Using the Adjustment Brush (kit K) I added more mist moving back from the camera position but further reducing Clarity and Texture. For a natural look I removed the effect from the foreground trees using the Erase Brush and Auto Mask checked on.

5-Finally I added some dodging and burning to the foreground tree using the Adjustment Brush. This included adding a blue tone on the left side, for a cinematic look. I also added vignette by darken the edges with the Radial Filter (Shadows: -15, Highlights: +16, Whites: +15).

Got any questions? Ask away, I'm happy to help :)

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  • Resolution: 72/1
  • Uploaded: 24th February 2021
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