• garysibio
      4 months ago
      Very nice.
      • vision
          4 months ago
          Thank you.
      • Elenka Smilenova
          4 months ago
          An awesome image!
          • vision
              4 months ago
              Than you.
          • sgbrown
              4 months ago
              I would love to visit this area some day! Another great shot! :)
              • vision
                  4 months ago
                  Thank you so much. There are two great events in the area. These shoots were taken at the St.Helena island Heritage Festival (held every 2nd week of November ) and the Gullah Festival (held every 4th week of May in Beaufort S.C.) . Great opportunity to do some event shooting and buy a basket :).


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              Gullah Folk Tales

              The Sea Island Creoles (Gullah People) have a rich culture that is very visible in the St. Helen Island region of South Carolina.This story teller is entertaining visitors with a Gullah Tale.

              NIKON D750
                   f/8.0   ISO 200
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              • Created:12th November 2016
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