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015-Tufted Duck(Male)

Scientific name: Aythya fuligula

Bird family: Ducks, geese and swans

The tufted duck is a medium-sized diving duck, smaller than a mallard. It is black on the head, neck, breast and back and white on the sides. It has a small crest and a yellow eye. In flight it shows an obvious white stripe across the back of the wing. It breeds in the UK across lowland areas of England, Scotland and Ireland, but less commonly in Wales, with most birds being residents. Numbers increase in the UK in winter because of birds moving to the UK from Iceland and northern Europe.


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  • Created: 12th January 2018
  • Uploaded: 12th January 2018
  • Category: Nature
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  • 6okolad4e
      10 hours ago
      Gorgeous picture!
    • Lee Fox Photography
        1 week ago
        Excellent great reflection!
      • Olga N
          1 week ago
          So lovely
        • ButchReinhart
          • Seller
          1 week ago
          Beautiful photo. Nicely done.
          • Dylan Burgess
            • Seller
            • Pro
            1 week ago
            Thank you Butch and for sharing. Also got some photos of the females to go through to show the differences
            • ButchReinhart
              • Seller
              1 week ago
              Neat. Look forward to seeing them.