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Burning Ship Stamp

This is the burning ghost ship of Prince Edward Island memorialized on a postage stamp by Canada Post in June of 2014, in the form of a screenshot while I search out the actual stamp.

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  • Uploaded: 14th November 2017
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  • Joe Lightheart
      3 months ago
      Excellent screen shot! And a fun continuation of the Ghost Ship that Joanne has been posting.

      Your screen shot made me think of Jacqui Kenny "The Agoraphobic Traveller" and her google screenshot photography linked below :)
      • Annette Ruch
          3 months ago
          Thank you! I felt a bit like I was cheating by using a screenshot, but apparently not enough to keep me from doing so. ;-)

          Interesting Instagram account--she shows a preference for hot sandy locations. ;-)
          • Joe Lightheart
              3 months ago
              She does seem to like the drier countries and as a result of her screen shot's taken from google maps she had a gallery showing in NYC and I believe she became less agoraphobic :) Pretty cool!
        • Joanne Collicott McGuigan
            3 months ago
            Wow! So happy you found this. Have to share:)
            • Annette Ruch
                3 months ago
                There's quite a bit about this one and other related stamps and covers on the Canada Post website. Haven't found an actual stamp yet, just this image from the website.

                Thank you for sharing! :-)