Dragon Couple
Der Lichtpoet @ Gedächtniskirche, Berlin for Berlin Leuchtet 2016

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Dragon Couple

These little fellas are a couple of Chinese Water Dragons. Which one do you think wins the 'Don't move as long as you can' contest here?

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  • garysibio
    3 years ago
    It's an excellent photo but they are not iguanas. These are Chinese Water Dragons which are closely related to the iguanas and are often kep as pets. (I have one as does one of my daughters.)

    It's hard to be certain because they look to be rather young but I think the one on the left is a male while the one on the right is female.
    • Liquid Eye
      3 years ago
      Thank you :) Aha, ok, good to know ... so it's a Dragon Couple and no bros ... thanks for the info :) ... Gotta change name and caption right away then ... Don't wanna spread false info! :)