• 3rd Oct 2016, 09:48

    Please tell me you got the burgers for free :-)

    • 26th Oct 2016, 13:04

      I didn't get any!!! Too heavy before a gig!! How are you? :)

      • 26th Oct 2016, 13:24

        I'm fine, thank you. I volunteer as a teacher Dutch in a refugee camp at my place. I like it. How are you?

        • 26th Oct 2016, 13:28

          Nice one! :) Those guys need help! I'm ok, preparing to move to Mykonos slowly but surely! 6 months Mykonos/6 months Salzburg! Trying to fit in a new album recording too!

          • 26th Oct 2016, 13:49

            That sounds great. partly living under the Greek sun. I hope all will work out. Good luck on the recordings!

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On our way to a gig in Manchester once, we saw a shop that I didn't know I owned...

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