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Litle Green Heron

The Green Heron may be smaller than other Herons, but he's a very interesting fellow. Sometime appearing short and stocky but then stretching his neck and seeming to grow to half again his height.

Green Herons live around wooded ponds, marshes, rivers, reservoirs, and estuaries. They stand motionless at the water’s edge as they hunt for fish and amphibians, frequently standing on logs, branches or other vegetation.

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  • Created: 19th September 2019
  • Uploaded: 12th October 2019
  • Category: Wildlife
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  • stigg1
    8 months ago
    Superb shot, fantastic detail.
    • thriftylady2
      8 months ago
      Thank you, your comments are appreciated.
  • Marius Radu
    8 months ago
    Lovely details and colors.
    • thriftylady2
      8 months ago
      Thank you , Marius. I appreciate your comments.
  • Mike Cawood
    • Seller
    • Pro
    8 months ago
    Stunning shot
  • bevlew
    8 months ago
    Beautiful detail
  • Denise Savage
    8 months ago
    It’s a pretty bird! Beautiful image.
    • thriftylady2
      8 months ago
      Thank you, Denise. Your comments are appreciated.
  • Garry Brown
    8 months ago
    Thats a fantastic shot, lovely detail
    • thriftylady2
      8 months ago
      Thank you for your comments, Garry.
  • Sigrid
    9 months ago
    Thanks for your message, it is always good to know more. Also very great photo - enough sharp and good to look at it!
    • thriftylady2
      8 months ago
      Thank you for viewing my image and for your comments.