Stretching over the stream
Wood mouse
Fly agaric
Depth of field

László Árpád

László Árpád
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Stretching over the stream

It's been awhile since last post but real life just got in the way of photography.
Small mountain stream near Rachitele, Romania with a mossy tree growing across.

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  • Uploaded: 12th October 2017
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  • Alex Kunert
    • Seller
    5 months ago
  • barbrad
    • Seller
    8 months ago
    Love these water photos in the woods.
  • Howard
    9 months ago
    Photography is real life. Nice shot, to me, it feels like you've captured a damp autumnal day.
    • László Árpád
      9 months ago
      Thank you! While it was not yet autumn, that is a damp place no wonder there's a lot of moss growing on everything.
  • eddiem
    9 months ago
    Nice shot
  • ray_foster
    9 months ago
    Lovely shot