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Natasha XI

fun night shoot with my friend Natasha Fisher in Paris.
Lovely young lady I met in Paris at my favorite cafe. Was visiting my sister at the time. May sound nuts, but I was becoming bored; Natasha is a very talented model, ballerina, actress etc. Was truly blessed to find such a wonderful person to photograph with around the city. Her bright personality and knowledge of the city really made a trip many times more fun; she was a tour guide for me with a load of character and modeling experience up he sleeve. I did not charge her or anything of the sort. Purely beautiful experiences with her built a strong friendship quite fast.
Because of my loving family, I ended up on a one2one day with Mike Browne and she hopped on a train to London where I met her and we spent a day...and a half with Mike shooting about in his lovely forest! She was out phenomenal model.
Very expressive with her poses, she was the one who really made the images stand out. I merely practiced and pressed a shutter button. I feel that she has helped me with my photographic journey massively. I have some prints hanging at home.
She is originally from Mexico!
here we were just playing around with park benches in Paris. Seeing if I could make an ordinary park bench stand out. She certainly made that happen!

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