Nice restaurant (West-Terschelling, NL)
Every tour ends in the shop (Teeling distillery, Dublin, Ireland)
The whiskey bar (Teeling distillery, Dublin, Ireland)
Whiskey tasting at the Teeling distillery (Teeling distillery, Dublin, Ireland)
Whiskey storage (Teeling distillery, Dublin, Ireland)
Whiskey samples (Teeling distillery, Dublin, Ireland)
Whiskey casks on display (Teeling distillery, Dublin, Ireland)
Fermentation tank (Teeling distillery, Dublin, Ireland)
Alison, Natalie & Rebecca (Teeling distillery, Dublin, Ireland)
Pot still display (Teeling distillery, Dublin, Ireland)
#SpiritofDublin (Teeling distillery, Dublin, Ireland)
Guiding the ferry (West-Terschelling, NL)
Leaving Terschelling (West-Terschelling, NL)
Waiting for the ferry (West-Terschelling, NL)
Lots of trees (West-Terschelling, NL)
Street leading to the lighthouse (West-Terschelling, NL)
Coffee house (West-Terschelling, NL)
Theatre & cinema West-End (West-Terschelling, NL)
Towards the Grand Cafe (West-Terschelling, NL)
Typical street (West-Terschelling, NL)

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Nice restaurant (West-Terschelling, NL)

September 2021. While traveling abroad was still limited because of covid we decided to go to one of the islands in the northern part of the Netherlands. We had not been to Terschelling so that was the one we picked. Last day on the island and before going onto the ferry back to the mainland we spent time in the small town of West-Terschelling.

The inhabitants of Terschelling call the village simply: West. The village has an old core, called Oud-West by the residents, around which a large number of new neighborhoods have been built. In West-Terschelling, the port of Terschelling is located on a natural bay. Terschelling has its own small fishing fleet. Professionally, shrimps are fished exclusively. The population of West Terschelling has traditionally been strongly oriented towards the sea. However, until well into the last century there were also a few livestock farmers. Tourism is the main source of income.

Terschelling is a municipality and an island in the northern Netherlands, one of the West Frisian Islands. It is situated between the islands of Vlieland and Ameland. Wadden Islanders are known for their resourcefulness in using anything and everything that washes ashore. With few trees to use for timber, most of the farms and barns are built with masts recovered from shipwrecks. The islands are surrounded by shipwrecks, and even today many containers wash ashore that have blown off the decks of container ships in the North Sea. The main source of income on Terschelling is tourism. There is some agriculture, but a large part of the island has become a nature reserve. Terschelling is well known for the yearly Oerol Festival during which theatre performances are played throughout the island, making use of its landscape and nature. Terschelling can be reached by ferry from the mainland Frisian town Harlingen and from Vlieland by high-speed catamaran.

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