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    Triangular Building at 5600 North Ridge, Chicago, Illinois - Color Version (2014-07-25 12-50-39a)


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Triangular Building at 5600 North Ridge, Chicago, Illinois - Color Version (2014-07-25 12-50-39a)

The building is in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. It was built in 1918. The ground floor was formerly occupied by El Norte, an excellent Mexican restaurant which just disappeared one night. The second floor was rented out to musicians as practice space. It is currently empty.

Thw rtwork on the firat floor is no longer there. The space was subdividedand windows were installed but, the last time I was there, it was still empty.

The photo was taken with a Nikon Coolpix P&&)) camera. Editing was done with Luminar 3. First I straightened the image and added the RAW Develop filter to adjust the color balance, raise the contrast, shadows and clarity and lower the highlights and whites. Next I added the Accent-AI filter and 3 copies of the AI Sky Enhancer filter. I used the Tone filter to lower the SmartTone and added the Polarizing filter. Then I added the Details Enhancer and Remove Color Cast filters, then incresed the vibrance and warmth.

© 2014 Gary J. Sibio. All rights reserved.

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  • stigg1
    1 week ago
    Great shot, love the colours.
  • ButchReinhart
    • Seller
    1 week ago
    Beautiful work on this color version and the black and white version.
    • garysibio
      1 week ago
      Thanks. I thought the color version was a bit over the top so I tried it in black and white.
  • Tapas Chaklader
    1 week ago
    lovely vivid colors !
    • garysibio
      1 week ago
      Thanks, Tapas. I was concerned that I had overdone it with the colors which is why I also did a black and white version.