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Rotten Blue Car Body

Yes, time eats cars, too! This rotten thing isn't moving anywhere anymore! Found it somewhere around Berlin, Germany.

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  • Created: 26th November 2011
  • Uploaded: 19th August 2016
  • Category: Urban-photography
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  • Rangewoman_Inc
    2 years ago
    Hi, Liquid Eye. Nice seeing you here.

    Great find. I love the contrast of the colors.
    • Liquid Eye
      2 years ago
      thank you :) yep, there's a life after tsu ;)
      • Rangewoman_Inc
        2 years ago
        Of course there is. Be sure to check out the forum for questions and answers.
  • Liquid Eye
    2 years ago
    hehe, yip :) in Beelitz gefunden ...
  • homeartpictures
    2 years ago
    der gute alte Trabant....