Gauti Eiríksson

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The Photographer

This was shot on a Photography Class at my School (I´m a Teacher). We went out before Sunset and shot a few shots. The Church is called Bessastaðakirkja build 1773-1823. The House behind the Church is Bessastaðir and it is the Residence of the Icelandic President. The President brings his Children to School himself often and sometimes on his bicycle. There are no lifeguards or anything. This is Iceland.

Canon EOS 700D

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  • Created: 27th February 2017
  • Uploaded: 20th March 2017
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  • Jaime Cifuentes
    3 months ago
    Nice composition. The story is out of the normal live also. Great job.
  • Crush'd Curiosity
    1 year ago
    Nice person touch from the president and cool shot. I'm a fan of the meta photo