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Inspection time

I like this little lizard touching the plastic thing like it checks to see if it is well fixed on the tree


18.0-105.0 mm f/3.5-5.6
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  • Created: 11th October 2017
  • Uploaded: 10th November 2017
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  • Niccolo Bertoldi
      4 months ago
      Do you have any idea what that plastic thing is (was?) for? Just curious....Sharp image, anyway, and I like the muted colors!
      • Ungur Paul
          4 months ago
          Thank you.The plastic things I think where used to attach some kind of net fore olive harvesting
          • Niccolo Bertoldi
              4 months ago
              Makes sense! I did not recognize that it is an olive tree.
        • Jim Anglin
            4 months ago
            My st"p-son used to pull the tails off these until I told him: "yes, it will grow back eventually, but is it really necessary to impose on this

            animal's energy store?" Now he's an animal behavior specialist ...
            • Ungur Paul
                4 months ago
                Life takes us in strange places
            • Joanne Collicott McGuigan
                4 months ago
                Lizard is so cute. Nice capture