• wokabu
      6 months ago
      What an delightful image,Suchitra!
      • Suchitra Lata
          6 months ago
          Thank you Wolf! Morning stroll in the lake park beside my apartment! :)
          • wokabu
              6 months ago
              Seems trees and leaves were greeting the morning, as well! :-)

              Reminds of a song by Cat Stevens (I don't remember the author of the lyrics):

              "Morning has broken like the first morning

              Blackbird has spoken like the first bird

              Praise for the singing

              Praise for the morning

              Praise for them springing fresh from the world..!
        • Joanne Collicott McGuigan
            6 months ago
            Lovely autumn colors
          • Profile Deleted
              6 months ago
              how nice

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