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Nathan Kelm

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Toborochi Sunrise (new version)

One of my favorite seasons in Santa Cruz, Bolivia is autumn, during the months of April and May. The toborochi trees (Ceiba speciosa, called silk floss trees in English) produce their amazing pink blossoms this time of year. Unfortunately, most of the ones I see regularly are in the city, surrounding by ugliness and difficult to photograph well. Late last year, I discovered this one on the outskirts and have been patiently waiting for the right moment to photograph it in bloom. Yesterday was that day! I arrived before sunrise, but was disappointed by the increasingly heavy clouds on the horizon. There was no light and everything looked dull. I took a few shots anyway, then decided to leave. As I was pulling away, I saw the tree from another angle, this one, and stopped to take another shot. As I did, the sun broke over the top of the cloud bank, bathing the tree and grass in glorious morning light!

VERSION NOTES: As I noted in the description of the original upload of this image a few days ago, I was very unhappy with how it came out. Thanks to some encouragement and recommendation by Dylan Burgess, I did some research on Lightroom's Calibration section via YouTube and put some more work into the photo. My wife and oldest daughter gave me some help on the color (I'm strong deutan colorblind), and here it is!

You can see the original upload here: www.clickasnap.com/i/u4cc3ntkkq10ncp5

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Image © Nathan Kelm

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