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Beautiful evening lights in Scotland

Sometimes things like that happen… To be tired after shooting a whole day at a fashion collective event and when coming back home you see this beautiful scenery… Light is changing fast, very fast and you get excited because you want absolutely to capture it, you wonder how to find a spot to park the car… Timing is against you, few minutes are enough to loose the great lights here in Scotland… Ok, here is good, car parked half-way on the one track road… Jumping out of the car, grabbing the camera and take the shot… and this awesome feeling of happiness when you have captured the scenery just how you wanted it and then, later at home, when checking on the computer… you realise that on the rush, you totally forgot to change the settings of the camera and you have a lovely shot at… ISO1600 ! LOL Yup it happens and let me show you my first landscape ever shot at ISO1600 :D . Anyway, this image is not going to be printed on a billboard and has a funny story behind it but most of all, I really like it ;)

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  • Uploaded: 22nd January 2017
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