lone figure walking on the beach
my bike
three girls playing music
BMW for the CARABINEROS' traffic cops


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Lone figure walking on the beach

I went and got me a Big Stopper. Shutter dragging addict that I am, it came to me that I could shutter drag during the day with a Big Stopper. Some family member got me four filters without me knowing. Four to five hours I spent on a beach in Southampton NY. Frigid outside, shooting at -2C . just about zipF. I mucked about the night before making sure I knew what to do when inserting the filter holder and thick Big Stopper. I woke up the next day cursing as I was thinking as I always do when it comes to shutter dragging...I do it at night. It was 11am. Ten seconds in I clocked my head gently with my hand remembering that this was a different sort of drag; apart from having to carry thousands of dollars worth of equipment on my back while on an old bike. I picked a bike out of the lot of shite old bikes in the shed, pumped it up and blew off with my camera bag and Lee filters. Four wool shirts, three cotton and my warm beefy construction jacket that I got for work during my plumbing days. (They be gone). Fleece lined cozy jeans that have you feeling as if they are about to set fire they are so warm. Bungee cords to strap Shay to the basket on the front and I was off. (I am told that i have always been slightly off). A mile on a bike that has seen better days and I had reached the beach at the time I wanted. Ditched the bike and unleashed two out of four legs of Shay's. Beefy battery pack under the camera just to bother me. I fired off a few exposures by hand. I had froze my ass off the evening prior to look for compositions. I shot about exposures before digging delicately in the Lee Filter bag, screwed the adapter on and slid the filter in. Cable release I had attached to Alistair at home to keep my hands warm. Locked off on Shay I wandered, taking my time, a lot of time to look at the light. Watching it bounce off waves, dunes, passers by etc. I started with a wide zoom lens for about three hours. Liked how it was stretching things apart adding more negative space to the exposures. All exposures shot at F22, and 100iso. Shutter varied, I love playing with that. Then I changed to the the machine gun, messing around with that for a long time as well...probably too close to the water one time. Shay got his legs covered in salt water and sand. I leaped out of the area where the waves crashed. As darkness came around I packed up and legged it to my bike. Front tire looked a little low. I had to use double my energy to pedal back to the house as the air seeped out of the tire all the way. Happy with this exposure because I LOVE negative space in an image and I caught a person walking alone on the beach in the far distance. I had angled the barrel just next to the sun, not directly at it. I shot several exposures with the Big Stopper. Was not quite sure what to expect but i was proud of the angle I had the sunlight poor in form the side. I love it. Don't care if anyone else does. There is a shimmer of lens flare if you look hard enough. Some little circles.
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