Common Tern(Sterna hirundo) - Drinking on the Wing
Kittiwake(Rissa tridactyla) - Adult on nest with two Chicks.
Kittiwake(Rissa tridactyla) - In Flight with Nesting Materials. Gateshead Millennium Bridge in Background.
Kittiwake(Rissa tridactyla) - Adult circling to land
Roe Deer(Capreolus capreolus) - Mother Tending to Kid
Common Tern(Sterna hirundo) - First Chick of the Year
Reed Bunting(Emberiza schoeniclus) - Male amongst the Reeds
Reed Bunting(Emberiza schoeniclus) - Female amongst the Reeds
Mute Swan Cygnet(Cygnus olor) - We all need a warm, safe space
Male Kestrel(Falco tinnunculus) - Hunting Art Print
Great Spotted Woodpecker(Dendrocopos major) - Female feeding chick in Nest
Swan(Cygnus olor) - Dad and Cygnet Close Up
Shelduck(Tadorna tadorna) - Mother and duckling day out
Swan(Cygnus olor) - Cygnet Playing Hide and Seek
Robin(Erithacus rubecula) - Looking quite Regal
Grey Heron(Ardea cinerea) - Juvenile Fishing
Chilean Flamingo(Phoenicopterus chilensis) - Staring down the lens
Male Pheasant(Phasianus colchicus) Passing through a daisy field
Moorhen(Gallinula chloropus) - Juvenile wide angle portrait
Mute Swan(Cygnus olor) - Cygnets

Dylan Burgess - Bird Photography NE1?

Dylan Burgess - Bird Photography NE1?
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Common Tern(Sterna hirundo) - Drinking on the Wing

I am fortunate to have a few nesting colonies of common Tern close to home. Always entertaining and offers lots of photo opportunities. But they aren't always the easiest birds to photograph as they are really quick and agile in the air, earning themselves the nickname "Sea Swallow".

Here we have a bird taking a drink while in flight on a really hot sunny day. Fingers crossed for this particular colony, last year one night all the young were taken from the nests....no one knows what took them, but the prime suspect to this day was a local Heron whop had taken a real shine to this site.

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