• ac khoo
      1 day ago
      I love how dark the sky is, but yet on ground there's sunshine all around! Brilliant!
      • wokabu
          8 hours ago
          Iceland really is a paradise for photographers or for people with a photographer's or painter's eye, to perceive the magnificence of it's nature...
      • Tom Oswald
          5 days ago
          Lovely picture Wokabu
          • wokabu
              5 days ago
              Thank you, Tom, much appreciated! :-)
          • Michael Flick Photography
              5 days ago
              Tolle Farben und Kontraste ... aber diese Namen :-D Eierbacken ... haben wir früher immer im Anschluss an irgendwelche spätpubertären Trinkgelage gemacht :).
              • wokabu
                  5 days ago
                  Dankeschön, Mike! Ja, diese Namen... mir fallen sie auch nicht leicht... ;-)
              • Cristiana Simões
                  5 days ago
                  • wokabu
                      5 days ago
                      Thank you very much, Cristiana! ^_^
                  • bodo_s
                      6 days ago
                      Nicht einfach, aber hier ist das dunkle Blau der Wolken einfach zu goil 8=)
                    • Elenka Smilenova
                        6 days ago
                        The sea was turbulent, waves were seen. And the wind is worn on the edge of the waves, and it has also crossed the grasses on the shore. Beautiful shot.
                        • wokabu
                            6 days ago
                            It was one of many great days on Iceland! Thank you, Elenka! ^_^


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                        Eyrarbakki [9065]

                        On our visit to Eyrarbakki, the weather changed rapidly every few minutes, from ominous dark to bright sunny skies.
                        This scene obviously has been taken in one of the dark moments ;-)
                        I couldn't make up my mind if to process it in B&W or in color, so I did it both ways.

                        For more Information about Eyrarbakki, this might be good place to begin:

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