New Growth from Tree Stump Near Salinas River
Bee Exploring Gazania Flower
Cambria Coast in Late Afternoon under Cloudy Sky.
Jimson Weed Growing from Under Rock in December


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New Growth from Tree Stump Near Salinas River

This cottonwood tree is mostly gone, but new growth comes from its stump proving it's not dead yet, even though it's surrounded by its missing pieces. It's December, so most trees in the background have dropped their leaves.

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  • Uploaded: 7th November 2017
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  • Joe Lightheart
    1 year ago
    nice contrast of colors in foreground against the pale of the background
    • barbrad
      1 year ago
      True. I think the eye naturally goes to the green of the new growth.

  • László Árpád
    1 year ago
    This one didn't got the memo that "winter is coming" :)
    • barbrad
      1 year ago
      We don't have much of a winter here. The most we get may be a few days with a hard freeze at night. It doesn't bother the trees much.
  • Joanne Collicott McGuigan
    1 year ago
    Fabulous texture on the old stump. New greenery adds nice pop of color.
    • barbrad
      1 year ago
      Thank you. There's so much to trees that I never run out of new things to observe in them.

  • Leigh Goessl
    1 year ago
    What a neat find!
    • barbrad
      1 year ago
      I look for these ever since I heard a song called "Wood Hath Hope."