• vision
      1 week ago
      Like the color of the rooftops.
    • waterlily
        6 months ago
        Beautiful architecture!
      • feuftusk
          7 months ago
          Very beautiful and awesome construction !
        • Profile Deleted
            7 months ago
            muy bonita
          • CarolDM
              7 months ago
              Amazing architecture.
            • Rangewoman_Inc
                7 months ago
                Interesting roof.
                • Robert Oravec
                    7 months ago
                    I thought so too:) Thank you!
                    • Rangewoman_Inc
                        7 months ago
                        Robert, I just had to look this up. I didn't find any information about the strange architecture of the towers. I did notice that the building was Gothic-style but that wasn't a typical tower.

                        Interesting fact, though: They towers are of two different sizes (although it really isn't noticeable.). They are named "Eve" and Adam." There's a bunch of history regarding this building.
                        • Robert Oravec
                            7 months ago
                            That's great, well done:) Unfortunately, I could not find any more info about the towers either:(

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                    Church of Our Lady before Týn in Prague

                    Church of Our Lady before Týn in Prague, Czech Republic

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