blank Natasha
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Blank Natasha

three quarters of the way through a shoot with this chica, and what she calls "the magic" comes out. The last of silliness and creativity will burst out like a hydrogen bomb.
Fun, fun, fun, then, SLAM! First she just shuts off the engine for about five minutes as I keep mine idling. No more than five minutes of her with this flat face, as if in a daze. No expression whatsoever. During this time I will try and snatch a candid look; dangerously intelligent, I believe her head just moved a little without her realizing it.
I remember feeling as if in this purple haze with her, as I fiddle with my kit as quiet as possible. Very little movement.
Depending on how exhausted she is regulates the size of this bomb exploding. I am fairly talented at adding so much motivation as gently as possible, thus creating a very large bomb. This exhausted young lady is back in action, full throttle excitement. I have kept her up through the night three times during my month in Paris......for better or worse. We are both sweating a bit by the end and she once napped on my shoulder for half an hour. I had to be a statue of a human for 30 minutes straight! And she wonders how the two of us built such solid trust so fast!
Looking back, I have come to this realization and understand what Mike Browne really meant with his comment that Natasha and I work very well together. Said to me with such a strong look on his face so flat; i was sure I was in the UK; he merely dished out facts with one sentence.

I suppose Nat' would not have jumped into the middle of Oxford Street for fun if we did not trust each other enough. The "magic" had exploded out of her at that very moment....shutter dragging wildly fast (using so much of my brain power I was about to overheat) and then we were off to a musical twenty minutes later. I was very lucky to find this nutcase.

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  • tailuporaroundlikeacat
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    2 months ago
    How'd I do Denise Savage?
    • Denise Savage
      2 months ago
      You done alright! A rare image of your photographic partner in crime for striking stretched and poised poses - a quieter, more gentler dynamic. Tread carefully in the viewing and in the reading of this story - it is precious.