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Sunset behind Frederiksø seen from Christiansø

The sun sets behind Frederiksø. Photo taken from Christiansø, Denmark. The tall building on the left is "Lille Tårn“ (= small tower), a part of the former fortress - a museum nowadays. On the right you can see the northern entrance to the harbor. Christiansø is the largest of the „Ertholmene“ (= pea islands), a group of tiny islands and skerries which are the most eastern point of Denmark.


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  • Created: 22nd June 2017
  • Uploaded: 21st September 2017
  • Category: Travel
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  • Joe Lightheart
      5 months ago
      Beautiful colors, clouds and nice long exposure
      • Jan E.
          5 months ago
          Thank you, Joe! As I did not have my ND filters on me, 5 seconds was the longest I could get.
          • Joe Lightheart
              5 months ago
              IMO that's all you needed. The sea looks very calm and more time would not add much difference, and the clouds are a heavy blanket so not too much motion either. I think this is perfect as you planned it :)
        • ButchReinhart
          • Seller
          5 months ago
          Beautiful photo. Nicely done.
          • Jan E.
              5 months ago
              Thank you, Butch!
          • Joanne Collicott McGuigan
              5 months ago
              Lovely composition with pink and blue sky
              • Jan E.
                  5 months ago
                  Thank you, Joanne!