• Peter Millar
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    21 hours ago
    my vote went to colour
    • wokabu
        9 hours ago
        Thank you, Peter! :-)
    • ac khoo
        1 day ago
        I went to & fro and to & fro several times - it's official... I like both! :D They both carry different moods, hence cannot be compared! Like apples and oranges... Both fruits but different! :) Hope you got your answer!
        • wokabu
            1 day ago
            Thank you so much, Ac Khoo! ^_^
            • wokabu
                1 day ago
                My thoughts exactly! :D
          • Steve Waters
              6 days ago
              I love both versions . But the black & white is my favourite :)
              • wokabu
                  1 day ago
                  Thanks a lot, Steve! :-)
              • Elenka Smilenova
                  6 days ago
                  And like black and white the photo remains beautiful.
                  • wokabu
                      6 days ago
                      Glad you like it! ^_^
                  • Marius Radu
                      6 days ago
                      It looks impressive in BW :-)
                      • wokabu
                          6 days ago
                          Thanks a lot, Marius! :-)


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                      Eyrarbakki [9065] sw

                      On our visit to Eyrarbakki, the weather changed rapidly every few minutes, from ominous dark to bright sunny skies.
                      This scene obviously has been taken in one of the dark moments ;-)
                      I couldn't make up my mind if to process it in B&W or in color, so I did it both ways.

                      For more Information about Eyrarbakki, this might be good place to begin:

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                      • Uploaded:18th May 2017
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