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Brett Hondow

Brett Hondow
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Mournful Sphinx Moth.jpg

A Mournful Sphinx moth (Enyo lugubris) at rest on a patch of tree lichen. Smaller than many Sphinx moth species, they are found in the Americas, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and the West Indies.

Ok, now the geographical jargon is out of the way I can say I found this little guy at night, basking on the warm concrete outside. I had never seen one of these before so this was new to me. I noticed it was much smaller than other Sphinx moths I have found, with a tip-to-tip wingspan of no more than 2 inches, maybe less. I love the jagged pattern on the wings, kind of tattered but perfectly symmetrical.

I thought it would go good against a nature background so I took this photo (and many others) indoors. I used a sturdy tripod, my trusty Nikon macro lens, no flash, just natural window light and a cable release. Plus a prop or two. So I am sorry for those of you who think some of my images are taken in pure nature during a pleasant walk in the woods. I would still like you to think that though, sorry for spoiling the illusion. Just close your eyes and pretend this guy was photographed in a lush forested area untouched by mankind, for it is a prettier image than on worn-out concrete parking lot. :)
Oh yes, of course I released it back into the "wild" when I was done. The "wild" being anywhere outside my front door.

Thanks as always for your visits and support.

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