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Western Dusk Singing Cicada (Megatibicen resh)

I found this Western Dusk Singing Cicada (Megatibicen resh) just chillin' out in the parking lot at work overnight so I thought I'd take it home for a quick photo shoot. I love the intricate details of Cicadas and they make very photogenic subjects. Of course I released my star model afterwards, no worse for wear. :)
I also took a head-on series which I photo stacked from about 9 images.

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  • Uploaded: 29th June 2020
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  • MarkChinn
    1 month ago
    Bizarre creatures. It posed very nicely for you. Nice capture in more ways than one I guess.
    • Brett Hondow
      4 weeks ago
      Thanks Mark, yes they make great little models and always sit still for me, unlike many other insects.