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Checkmate !

Chess is a favorite game of my, so I had to do this.
I constructed a more or less realistic placement of the pieces and put a chess clock on the side of the board. I also placed the chessboard in the sunshine to add shadows and to make it more 3D.
I used a wide aperture to make the queen and king really stand out and to add bokeh.

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  • Uploaded: 12th October 2017
  • Category: Still-life
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  • barbrad
    • Seller
    4 days ago
    My husband loves to play chess, but no longer has anyone to play with. Too bad you're so far away. The photo is nicely done.
    • Menno Photography
        4 days ago
        Yes, it's a pity when your husband has no one to play with. One can play chess on the internet, but that's not the real thing.....
        • barbrad
          • Seller
          4 days ago
          He doesn't use the internet. He's almost eighty and can barely use his smartphone for anything but calls. He refers personal interaction.
    • chrisf
      • Seller
      2 months ago
      A very good picture, I love chess too. This pictures shouts character and finesse.
    • Niek
        2 months ago
        like chess too, nice composition and dof
      • sophiasb99
          2 months ago
          Love this capture! Great picture :)
        • Dan
            2 months ago
            Awesome depth of field !