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Photographing Andromeda

Andromeda Galaxy taken using a Nikon D7100 and a telephoto 70-300mm lens. This was taken at 300mm F5.4 and was piggy backed to a Celestron telescope and a Takahasi Temma ii mount. Total exposure was about4 hours

Andromeda is located Near the Cassiopeia constellation, you can find it by star hopping from the W-shaped constellation, Cassiopeia . As seen from the Northern Hemisphere on these November evenings, Cassiopeia appears in the northeast sky at nightfall and swings high to the north as evening progresses. It’s easy to spot, shaped like an M or W. One half of the W is more deeply notched than the other half. This deeper V points to the Andromeda galaxy.

Once you have located the Galaxy and aligned your mount to the north star, it's time to setup your camera. This picture was taken over a period of 4 hours with 5 minute exposure times to reduce the effect of light pollution (a big problem where i am) once the full exposure was taken 30 flats and 30 lights where taken, the end result being the photo you see above

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  • Dreamer0102
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    2 weeks ago
  • hediangelface
    3 months ago
  • Tony Smith
    4 years ago
    Great Image Tom, only one of ours is upside down ha ha... https://www.clickasnap.com/i/7pvycvefvlfz1vyd
    • Tom Oswald
      • Seller
      • Pro
      4 years ago
      I think it's mine
      • Tony Smith
        4 years ago
        I see quite a few the same way as yours, but they are normally taken through a scope, which I assumed would be inverting the image. Mine was straight through my camera lens.
        • Tom Oswald
          • Seller
          • Pro
          4 years ago
          Actually this one was taken through a 300mm lens i believe Tony
  • Tom Oswald
    • Seller
    • Pro
    5 years ago
    It took a huge amount of time to learn such a feat but when completed it is quite the experience
  • ac khoo
    5 years ago
    I can't imagine ever taking a shot like this... Amazing and super complicated for someone like me! Am still trying to understand the various camera tech talk!! Lol... For a start would like to try a simple long exposure shot... Then master it one day.