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Milky flow

Milky flow @ "Huda lui Papara", a cave in Trascau mountains, Romania. The cave is more or less flooded so is accessible only with adequate equipment, not for ordinary tourists. The stream enters the mountain some miles away up, where it disappears in the depth of the mountain and comes back to surface here, up there being a wonderful waterfall :-) Refer to this post here: www.clickasnap.com/i/4ryid9ui75fzbq1s

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Canon EOS 70D

  • Image type: image/jpeg
  • Exposure: 13/10
  • Resolution: 72/1
  • Created: 18th August 2016
  • Uploaded: 13th September 2018
  • Category: Nature
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  • JulieCropper
    8 months ago

  • dandino photographic
    8 months ago
    Very nice!
  • Ramonet Photography
    9 months ago
    Well done Marius!:-)
  • Joe Lightheart
    9 months ago
    Beautiful soft water and nicely done slow shutter. The gate needs a sign saying: "no entry for ordinary tourists" :-)
    • Marius Radu
      9 months ago
      You know, is not even too easy to reach the gate... you have to wet seriously your feet, so I feel tourists are already bit discouraged :-) Thanks for visit.
  • lili255
    9 months ago
    Well done, nice photo
  • Gjesdal
    • Seller
    • Pro
    9 months ago
    Lovely, I'm not too happy when I see places like this closed.... especially when I learn it is to stop people like me who should never attempt entering dangerous caves :-)
    • Marius Radu
      9 months ago
      Well... the entrance key is available nearby if you get any exploratory idea :-)
  • Photography, don't you just love it | Les Garner
    9 months ago
    Love the foreground interest of the mini waterfall, great use of small aperture and low ISO to create the effect.

    'Milky' water seems to divide opinions, I'm firmly in the like it category, nice one Marius
    • Marius Radu
      9 months ago
      In fact even f/22 and ISO 100 were not enough to soften the flow as much as I wanted (in the absence of an ND filter) so this is the result of 3 shots stacked together as a "Smart object" with the "Mean" option, a trick I found on the net :-) Thanks for visit, Les.