Three young owls in a tree
Singing starling

Piotr Zloza

Piotr Zloza
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Three young owls in a tree

Three young long-eared owls shot on a tree adjacent to my garden. They seemed to be eager to pose for the photo while waiting for their parents to bring them some food. These owls made me look for a better lens and also look for some information what I was doing wrong that my photos didn't come as I expected. Thank you owls...

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  • Created: 19th June 2016
  • Uploaded: 13th December 2018
  • Category: Nature
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  • Marje Metsaots
    1 week ago
    So lively!
  • Joe Lightheart
    1 month ago
    I'm curious. What did you find out and what do you think you did wrong to not meet your expectation?
    • Piotr Zloza
      1 month ago
      Well, my mistakes include: shooting jpg, using AUTO mode, not learning the basics of photography (ISO, exposure, aperture).

      A couple of years before that image I bought a DSLR and just used it like a point-and-shoot camera, mostly to take photos of my kids or some views on holiday trips. Sometimes I was happy with my photos, sometimes I wasn't but had no idea why. Shooting those owls was a challenge for me and got me interested in trying to find out how to take better photos. And I think my photos now are a bit better. Unfortunately, I haven't seen these owls since then...
      • Joe Lightheart
        1 month ago
        Thank you very much, Piotr. Seeing these owls I would have imagined is a rare experience. Shooting kids and traveling snapshots while in auto and jpg are good enough, I think. But using the triad is the best option for pursuing better photos. Thank you for explaining so clearly. Appreciated.
        • Piotr Zloza
          1 month ago
          I guess, these owls were a rare experience and they were just sitting in a tree next to my garden! I didn't have to put much effort to find them - just go to my garden. I didn't even need a fancy lens to take the image - 150mm on a kit lens was enough. However, I felt then that with better knowledge of photography (and maybe a better gear) I could take even better photos of those owls. So this started a new chapter of photography in my life - birds, planes and now landscape... At least it is a healthy hobby ;)
  • Vida Vicky Ficko
    1 month ago
  • 6okolad4e
    10 months ago
    Amazing capture!
  • Vic Stokes Photographer
    • Seller
    • Pro
    11 months ago
    Brilliant shot
  • ButchReinhart
    • Seller
    1 year ago
    Great shot. Nicely done.
    • Piotr Zloza
      1 year ago
      Thank you. I was lucky that they were sitting close enough to take a photo with just 150mm lens...