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Uncommon Communication

An image I took for a photo a day challenge in June. The theme for the day was Letter . . . .so I decided to begin writing one about the fact that we don't write them anymore . . . well not really. A rare and probably soon to be lost art form . . .

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  • Shane Barker
      4 months ago
      Great concept captured.
    • CarolDM
        4 months ago
        A reminder that we should all communicate better while we still have the chance.
        • Denise Savage
            4 months ago
            Indeed! I now find myself saving some emails from family who are a long way away.
        • colinmair
            4 months ago
            Much neater writing than I have ever managed.....
            • Denise Savage
                4 months ago
                Only later in life is my writing neat. It never was growing up. I was one of the last kids to be allowed to a pen at school - the teacher gave up waiting for any improvement in neatness.
            • Michael Flick Photography
                4 months ago
                Great idea and I really like that pic. Pity people don't write letters anymore. Furthermore the ability of using language in a proper way is fading more and more ...
              • Dylan Burgess
                • Seller
                • Pro
                4 months ago
                Really thought provoking image and description :)