• 18th Feb 2017, 20:30

    Stunning sunset .. where abouts in Norfolk ?

    • 18th Feb 2017, 20:45's a little place called Eccles on Sea near Happisburgh. Sort of between Cromer and Gt. Yarmouth. ????

      • 18th Feb 2017, 21:03

        Never been that far round . Visit Heacham when I can . Parents used to live in Bradwell , outside great Yarmouth ., but never explored past Callifornia cliffs .

        • 18th Feb 2017, 21:19

          Me neither to be honest.....went very early one morning to Happisburgh to try and get the lighthouse but ended up at the next village along. Quite nice there with plenty to capture. Nice shots on your profile btw.....look like you get about a bit ????????

          • 18th Feb 2017, 21:58

            Enjoy walking ! Just take camera out with me and the dog , think I'm getting better . Love Cornwall, area is just stunning . Go Heacham with the dog , he's a beach bum , try and get different wildlife and great for sunsets . .. and thank you , still learning photography . Your photos are fab too, love seeing things I don't get to see

            • 18th Feb 2017, 22:28

              Thanks for that........still learning here too. Just keep trying different things and hopefully the more I do the better they should be. There's plenty of inspiration on these sites. I definitely need to get out and about more. That morning I took these shots was brilliant.....very early, natural and watching the sun come up was ace.

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Rocks and sea

Some rocks at Eccles on Sea Norfolk UK

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