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This is a shot of a rare instrument called 'Carillion' standing in a park in Berlin surrounded by trees. It's very relaxing to chill out underneath the trees while the Carillion player goes up into the tower and plays classical music on sundays.

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  • Uploaded: 21st September 2016
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  • Marius Radu
    2 years ago
    Nice POV :-)
  • Crush'd Curiosity
    3 years ago
    Very interesting description - I've never heard of such an instrument before. Also bizarrely, from this angle the colours form into the logo of the evil umbrella corporation from the resident evil games
    • Liquid Eye
      3 years ago
      Oh yeah, you're right ... I've found a secret entrance to the hive ;)
      • Crush'd Curiosity
        3 years ago
        :) nice, thought that might be too niche a reference (plus most people will want to blank the films from their memory)