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Steam locomotive

This fantastic looking engine runs on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire railway which is run by volunteers , operating between Cheltenham and Broadway in the Cotswolds

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  • Uploaded: 3rd September 2019
  • Category: Educational
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  • Jon Lloyd
    3 months ago
    Without a doubt the best shot of a train I've ever seen.

    Never seen blacks so deep. Love the reflection of the carriage, the dark sky, the detail of the controls and especially the little wisp of smoke/steam.

    That belongs on someone's wall.

    Very well done.
    • Garry Brown
      3 months ago
      Thanks a lot for your kind words , it’s certainly one of my favourites
  • Garry Brown
    9 months ago
    Wellsey67 Thank's for sharing this image
  • Garry Brown
    10 months ago
    Vidavickyficko thanks for sharing this image
  • Rangewoman_Inc
    10 months ago
    Wonderful shot and shared to my feed.
    • Garry Brown
      10 months ago
      Thank you very much. Pleased you like it.
  • Dave Thomsons' Pics
    • Seller
    11 months ago
    A fantastic photo of a fantastic engine
    • Garry Brown
      11 months ago
      Glad you like it, thanks a lot.
  • emfa16
    11 months ago
    Great image Garry.