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It's nearly Heloween

My little lady decided to paint her face as a pumpkin with food on heloween day 2 years ago before I wiped off I had to take a picture. If you have a chance you have to take it right? :)

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  • Uploaded: 15th October 2019
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  • Rangewoman_Inc
    9 months ago
    Mashed carrots?
    • Ágnes Gundel
      9 months ago
      it was something meaty like meat stew with carrot thing :D the postman was in the door so I had to open the door and when I came back 2 mins later this is how I find her :D
      • Rangewoman_Inc
        9 months ago
        I remember that orange from my younger siblings quite well. My mom always complained that the strains were hard to wash out.
        • Ágnes Gundel
          9 months ago
          Agree :D That is why I used towels when I fed her :D