Sanderling(Calidris alba) - With a wiggly worm
Male Kestrel(Falco tinnunculus) - Hunting from Fence
Jay(Garrulus glandarius) - Posing in the open
Willow Tit(Poecile montanus) - Perched on small twig
Redshank(Tringa totanus) - Coming in to land
Female Stonechat(Saxicola rubicola) - Perched high on thorny vegetation
Grey Partridge(Perdix perdix) - Taking refuge in tall grass.
Long-tailed Tit(Aegithalos caudatus) - Against bright and colourful background
Starry Eyed Starling(Sturnus vulgaris)
Well hello there nice to
Can you
Sanderling(Calidris alba) - Running from incoming wave.
Turnstones(Arenaria interpres) - Feeding in the Seaweed
My pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - St Marys Lighthouse.
Redshank(Tringa totanus) - Exit, stage right
Sanderling(Calidris alba) - Walking towards camera
Cormorant(Phalacrocorax carbo) - All at Sea(Or how to push the boundaries of bird photography)
Female Goosander(Mergus merganser) - Preening
Bar-tailed Godwit(Limosa lapponica) - In flight
Hoglet amongst the Grass

Dylan Burgess - Bird Photography NE1?

Dylan Burgess - Bird Photography NE1?
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Sanderling(Calidris alba) - With a wiggly worm

Sanderling feed by probing the sand for worms. You will find them along the tide line where the sand is moist and easier to probe with their beaks.

Here we can see one that has just got a nice juicy wiggly worm.

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