St Mary's Bolsterstone 2
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St Mary's Bolsterstone 2

St. Mary’s again. This photograph is about two years old and had been left gathering dust on my hard drive until I spotted it today when I was having a bit of a clear out and reorganisation of my shots. I realised that it had potential and so re-processed it.

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  • Uploaded: 6th December 2017
  • Category: Buildings-architecture
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  • Howard
    8 months ago
    Thanks to Irene Villamero Paschel for sharing.
  • Daniel Ausec
    10 months ago
    "it had potential" is an understatement Howard..pretty awesome !
  • Life Shots by JeanB
    12 months ago
    Love the light and the somber subjects. Excellent catch!

  • Joe Lightheart
    1 year ago
    Beautiful picture with wonderful colors! I like your composition and having the tree over the building and sky makes this very appealing and atmospheric. Nicely done, Howard!
  • Marius Radu
    1 year ago
    Beautiful light in the scene :-)
    • Howard
      1 year ago
      Yes, thanks.
  • Annette Ruch
    1 year ago
    Very nice!
    • Howard
      1 year ago
      Thanks. Glad you liked it.
  • Just Enjoy
    1 year ago
    Lovely colour and elements in the photo. Great capture!!!!
    • Howard
      1 year ago
      Thanks, with a little help from PS.
  • ButchReinhart
    • Seller
    1 year ago
    Beautifully photographed.
  • M H Photography
    • Seller
    1 year ago
    Lovely image and colours