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To reach the right angel, we Landscape Photographers sometimes have to use different methods to get what we are looking for. In Iceland it can be difficult, as sometimes the locations are in the Highlands, far from roads or any tracks so the only way to do that is by foot or helicopter (I can recommend Norðurflug). Some places are far from civilization and the light and the weather could be totally different if you try to reach them by foot as the light and weather in Iceland changes every 15 minutes. So it’s vital to get there quickly to catch what you are aiming for. This shot is from Hrafntinnusker Geothermal Area, which is a large obsidian field located just east of the infamous Mount Hekla. Hrafntinna is the Icelandic name for obsidian... Obsidian is black and glassy, and forms when rhyolite cools very quickly. The surroundings of this area are not only colorful, but also filled with many hot springs, steam vents, boiling mud pits and ice caves. Despite the hard ice, there is actually geothermal activity happening under the surface so it is not recommended to enter the caves. I was aiming for the bluish green rhyolite cliff and I wanted to have some snow in the canyon as a contrast to draw out all beautiful colors in the surrounding area. I was really happy with the outcome

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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