• Fabiusz Orlik
      2 months ago
    • Dan
        3 months ago
        Gorgeous view !
      • garysibio
          3 months ago
          Very nice
        • Joanne Collicott McGuigan
            3 months ago
            Beautiful scene
          • Jim Goodall
              3 months ago
              Lovely shot. I love the colours.
            • Slooky-Kevin Rowan
                3 months ago
              • Denise Savage
                  3 months ago
                  Oh wow! That is beautiful Tracie.
                • Stephen Henry
                    3 months ago
                    Fabulous image Tracie. Nice work. Just a side issue , I hope you and your family are coping with the terrible heat ok, sounds like it's awfully hot summer for you guys in Aussie
                    • Tracie Louise
                        3 months ago
                        Lucky for me I moved south a month ago. It's not here at all. In fact we get 4 seasons in a day. Can have the heaters going in the morning, and the a/c on at night. Very weird.

                    Tracie Louise

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                    North arm

                    Sunset at North Arm at Lakes Entrance Victoria

                    NIKON D750
                      24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8   f/10.0   ISO 100
                    • Image type:image/jpeg
                    • Exposure:3/10
                    • Resolution:72/1
                    • Created:16th February 2017
                    • Uploaded:17th February 2017
                    • Category:Landscape
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