Trig point in Lousal Portugal
Gloomy Caslte
Classic Motorbike Granada Spain
Piglets heading to market


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Trig point in Lousal Portugal

I had one of those "Who are you and what you doing here?" encounters while taking this. Although the track I was on was in fact a public road, it ran through private grounds. The local farmers thought it most strange that anyone would want to take photos of a trig point, and even more strange that I would camp there in my van. Standing on the roof of my van complete with tripod didn't help either!

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  • Peter Millar
    • Seller
    • Pro
    4 days ago
    Sounds more friendly than what you would get in England - particularly where vans are involved.
    • socialtruant
      • Seller
      4 days ago
      Having had troubles myself with that select group of people when I lived in England, I know what you mean. But my van was too grotty to be mistaken for such a thing, and I had my cooking gear laid out.