She’s Alive!
Deep Colour
The Ball and Hoop
Waiting Fruit

Denise Savage

Denise Savage
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She’s Alive!

Exploring the Science centre in Brisbane, Australia with the kids in school holidays. Interactive engagement with scientific principles.

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  • Uploaded: 10th January 2019
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  • 6okolad4e
    2 days ago
  • pogmomadra
    • Seller
    • Pro
    4 days ago
    Fun capture
  • Jim Graves
    1 week ago
    isn't science brilliant!
  • socialtruant
    • Seller
    1 week ago
    Now all you need to do is send her out into the world the next time the tide is high and we have a blood moon. Then see what comes back. Don't forget to get the leather restraints ready and one of those backless gowns from the hospital. Think I might have watched too many old horror movies when I was a lad. ;-)
    • Denise Savage
      1 week ago
      Haha! Some days she doesn’t need much help and a feral thing appears . . . God bless teenagers. I’m waiting for their purpose, other being life forms of terror to become apparent.