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After suffering from severe anxiety and depression causing me to become housebound for over a year, I decided to focus (excuse the pun) on photography to not only calm my mind, but to encourage me to get out and about again. Photography has changed my life, and I look forward to seeing where the new me will end up.
Primarily I am a Wildlife and landscape photographer (I love remote areas and the outdoors), but I am trying to incorporate other styles of photography to help me learn about light, composition, editing and all other aspects of photography.
I hope you enjoy the photographs on my profile, and don't feel too shy to comment (I'd love to hear some feedback from more established photographers and like minded lovers of photography).

Thanks for checking out my profile.



All photographs uploaded to my profile are my own work. Please ask (in the comment section of the photo) if you wish to use any of my photographs.
Wild & Free Photography