Jason Seager
Jason Seager
Jason Seager


As you can gather my name is Jason Seager.
My interest in photography started at a young age when my Mother let me use her 110 instamatic camera on the odd occasion.
When I left school i would pop out and buy a Kodak single use camera whenever I ventured to anywhere new.
At the age of 21 my parents bought me a Praktica SLR fully manual with a 50 mm lens. This practically lived by my side for the next 10 years until the shutter jammed and it would have cost more than it was worth to have it fixed.
So with that was the end of my photography adventures for quite a while, going through a long period of poverty even counted out the possibility of affording a disposable Kodak.

Then came the camera phone. Certainly came in handy for capturing the memories.

In my mid 30's I met the Woman who is now my Wife. As the years went on our money situation improved a little and I managed to save up enough money to buy a Nikon D3200.
A digital DSLR no more film, no more scraping the barrel to find enough to get the film processed to find some shots were not usable. A complete revolution to my world of photography. Sadly this rather nice camera was dropped by one of my children a couple of months later. Fortunately there was a warranty with Curry's that said if they could not fix it they would have to give a replacement and with that model not being in stock anymore they had to let me have a Nikon D3300. Cool an upgrade!
Wow I have learned so much with this camera, youtube videos, books etc that i eventually decided to go full frame and save up for a Nikon D750 and have my D3300 as a reserve and a teaching tool for my Daughters.

My style of photograph is to try and Capture things that I see in the world. Nothing is planned in advance it's just what happens at an opportunistic moment in time.