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The little blurb about me:

I am a Kent based photographer who travels wherever and whenever possible to capture new moments to share. Art plays a big part in my enjoyment of life and I am grateful to share my perception with you all. I will take a shot with whatever camera is in my hand at the time be it big or small, film or digital. Luckily travelling the world is part and parcel of who I am. I do hope that you like my art work and take a moment to make a comment. I have exhibited in a few galleries and recently got into the final three of a competition to publish a collaborative book with my partner and myself which we hope will be in print next year. Follow me on my many adventures in throughout Europe and the rest of the Universe.

All photographs have been taken by myself and I have sole copyright to them a.k.a Lisa Kalloo Feel free to browse or you can find me on Twitter.