Macro Photos

Macro photography is the art of combining intense magnification with imagery to create very close up but very clear pictures. It is defined as: 'Taking pictures of objects with ratio of 1:1 or larger'.

Macro photography has the potential to bring us into a whole new, tiny little world, where tiny insects look like huge Martians from outer space and water droplets look like the millennium dome! Getting close enough to see water droplets on a dragonfly's eye is normally somewhat of a challenge. But when you do get that close, the images are both awe inspiring and beautiful all at once.

To achieve this magnification, specialised lenses and equipment are used because picture quality can easily deteriorate when zooming in on a finished image.

Tripods are usually used to ensure a steady capture, because magnification amplifies movement, so it can be very difficult to get a clean shot when holding the camera in your hand.

Macro photography has been used in a huge range of applications, from professional nature photography in the National Geographic to extreme close ups in science labs. In the past, macro photography has usually been an expensive venture, but now, macro lenses attachments can be bought for your smartphone for the same price as your lunch. This gives amateur photographers more power to take clearer, closer macro shots on a budget. Even the price of professional macro lenses for DSLR cameras are getting cheaper, so expect to see more and more amazing close up shots that can be used for your projects.

Macro shots inspire fascination, because you can see objects, fabrics, insects and pretty much everything in detail that you've never seen before.

The advancements in technology mean that these macro lenses are affordable and easy to use, so we are seeing an influx of macro pictures on the internet. This gives viewers perspectives that they perhaps wouldn?t usually see, showing products in detail that has never been seen before, which creates a new way of seeing products before you buy them. A new level of browsing.

These advancements in macro photography will give people like you a much wider selection of close up pictures that show mind boggling detail. There are now millions upon millions of macro shots taken every day, showcasing pretty much anything you can think of, all of which available for you, at your disposal, to use how you wish.

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Macro Photography can take you into the unnoticed and unseen world, which is exactly the kind of unique pictures we provide.