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  • Marius Radus Profile Picture
    22 hours ago
  • Marius Radus Profile Picture
    Marius Radu

    posted a status

    1 week ago

    Well, the new Profile page looks much better and compensates the shortcomings of the Feed page :-) I really enjoy the tabs: Profile, Albums, Upload, last one being a long desired page with all photos in one place. If it'll be possible to have a kind of tags with "viewed / not viewed" it'll be ideal, much easier to browse ones uploads, to catch up with the photos you did not see yet! Well-done, Tom.

    • Marius Radu
        2 days ago
        On phone it does not look right, things are overlapping, still a way to go for a true responsive design.
      • Crush'd Curiosity
          6 days ago
          Agree, a view/not viewed would be handy. Would also like to see the most viewed section come back - nice way of seeing the best photos of a person easily to get a sense of their style
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        • Mark Doyle
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          1 week ago
          I like that idea let's see
      • Marius Radus Profile Picture
        Marius Radu

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        1 week ago


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